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International Identity Arts Week 2018

A huge thank you to Mr Greenhouse and all the teachers for such a wonderful week. Our focus was on Identity, remembering what makes us the same and celebrating what makes us different. Every child made a suitcase, a boat and a finger print design describing their unique identity and each class chose a country to learn more about its culture and Art. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our projects, learnt so much about each other and enjoyed sharing our work with you on Open Evening.



“In 4J we created suitcases that we could pour our emotions into. We painted the net lightly with a watercolour that represented you as a person. We drew pictures and designs such as things that we like and things that make us who we are. Inside we placed objects that were special to us and we shared them back with the class. A lot of people brought in photos of family and friends that were important to them.” “This week in Arts Week, 6E focused on the country Argentina. We did many activities based on two Argentinian artists: Cecilia Lueza and Martin Ron. In the style of Cecilia, we used black card to make a silhouette e.g. of shadowed people or animals and then we used sparkling gems to show a spray effect emerging from the silhouette. They sparkle in the sun! We also made chocolate empanadas today by adding chocolate bars into puff pastry and baking - they tasted amazing and were handmade! This week was extremely fun and creative!” By Adriana 6E


“On Tuesday we looked at the Tower of Pisa in Rome and our challenge was to make a tower that leaned and stood up, using only newspaper and tape! It was really tricky, not all of them stood up. After, we made image maps of Italy. On Thursday, we learnt how to count up to 10 in Italian (Lorenzo was a big help as he is Italian), then we made up games to help one another remember the words. 1=uno 2=due 3= tre 4= Quattro 5=cinque 6=sei 7=sette 8= otto 9= nove 10=dieci. Friday was so fun because we cooked bruschetta (an Italian dish) and we got to eat it. We learnt to use the knife to crush garlic and how to chop properly. So far this week has been really fun and we don’t want it to end.” By: Riana and Emma in 5c.



“Our class made worry dolls from Guatemala using wire, tape, glue and colourful thread. Some of us found it challenging but we showed lots of determination and perseverance. We chose what clothes our doll was wearing and some had dresses, some had trousers. The wire was really hard to twist but we helped each other! We used colourful string to wrap our dolls inspired by Guatemalan patterns. The dolls are a tradition in Guatemala. Children tell them their worries and then put them under their pillows so that their anxieties go away while they are sleeping. We are looking forward to taking them home and using them when we go to secondary school.” Alessia and Matilda 6D


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