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Who's Who in the School

Meet the staff at our school!


Jenny Aylen
Head Teacher

Shirley Bates
Deputy Head Teacher 

Cara Christie

Assistant Head Teacher 

Year 3 Group Leader

Danielle Lucas




Ratka Pejakovic
Year 6

Riaz Khan
Year 6 Teacher

Bryony Davies

Year 6 Teacher

Marcelle Jennings
Year 5 Teacher Group Leader

Kasra Adjudani
Year 5 Teacher

Nicholas Okafor

Amy Musani (maternity)

Ameera Ebrahim

Year 5 Teacher

Fatine Jair

Year 4 Teacher

Deborah Hirshler (Maternity)

Shala Dhannie
Year 4 Teacher

Nabilah Roghey
Year 4 Group Leader

Vanessa Huckerby
Year 3 Group Leader

Simon Greenhouse
Year 3 Teacher

Daniella Ellington
Year 3 Teacher






Maria Pitsillides
School Business Manager

Linda Searles
Swimming Teacher

Tina Lake
Welfare Assistant

Farnoush Bikdeli
Office Administrative Duties
& Mealtime Supervisor

James Flanagan
School Caretaker 

 Kiran Yadav
School ICT Technician

Pellumb Qevani
Assistant Caretaker 

Sophie Raphael
Senior Teaching Assistant
& Library Manager 

Julie Dormer

Teaching Assistant/
Mealtime Supervisor 


 Alison Lyons
Teaching Assistant/
Mealtime Supervisor  

Dennis Lam
Teaching Assistant 

Kharmal Christie
Teaching Assistant 

Beila Sussman
Teaching Assistant

Gregory Knight
Teaching Assistant 

Kelly Capelan
PE Teacher

Clare Knight
Teaching Assistant 

Bilkis Arzu

Teaching Assistant


Mustakur Rahman

Teaching Assistant

Marian Small
Mealtime Supervisor

Administrative Support

Najia Khan
Mealtime Supervisor


Veena Depala

Mealtime Supervisor

Yiamul Khamis
Mealtime Supervisor

Mahnaz Emsaki
Mealtime Supervisor

Shaylea Clarke-Worrell

Teaching Assistant

Diana Fabian

Teaching Assistant

Stephanie Clayton

Teaching Assistant

Cayte Cox

Teaching Assistant

Mariam Al-Tammy

Teaching Assistant

Niki Theofilogiannakou

Teaching Assistant

Helen Light

Teaching Assistant




Pupil Voice
There is a School Council, with members elected by each class which discusses a wide range of issues affecting school life over the year.

Termly we have very important Whole School Meetings. Instead of 12 classes we mix everyone up and have 12 groups with children from every class. These mixed groups discuss issues and take suggestions around a wide range of topics, for example subject leaders might get feedback on their subject or groups might make suggestions for a behaviour focus.

All children are given opportunities to take on roles of responsibility including class monitors, buddies for children new to the school and playground friends. Year 5 undertake play leader roles.  As well as acting as buddies to year 3 children, all year 6 children take on a number of responsibilities as prefects such as looking after equipment, giving out registers and delivering messages. A group of year 6 children are trained as Peer Mediators and they help other children with minor playground or friendship issues. There are also librarians and ICT monitors.