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Brookland Learning Skills

Our Brookland Learning Skills are a unique set of life learning skills for pupils and staff.  Our Learning Skills were identified and championed by our pupils and they now proved the foundation for our curriculum and wider school life.

Our Brookland Learning Skills are:

TEAMWORK: We join in and work together to achieve.

DETERMINATION: We learn through challenges and show resilience.

QUALITY: We always try our best.

LISTENING: We listen to others and respect different ideas.

EVALUATION: We reflect on our work and identify next steps.

Our Learning Skills are visible throughout the school, displayed in each classroom, and they are embedded throughout our curriculum.  This gives all our pupils a common language to use both within and outside of the classroom.

Our pupils are able to reflect back on these Learning Skills and they provide an essential meta-cognition tools for our children to be able talk about their learning and identify next steps.