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Special events


Year 6 have arrived safely at Osmington Bay after a great journey. We have settled into our rooms and had a tour of the site. 

It is raining a little but sun is forecast for later and tomorrow!

Thank you to our Year 6 families for a smooth send off.

Monday 12th June 2023

Year 6 are tucking into a big breakfast before a busy day of raft building, giant swing and climbing today. 

We had fun at the PGL campfire last night singing some traditional songs with our instructors.

It is getting hot already.



Afternoon Update:

We have had a wonderful and busy morning building rafts and on the giant swing and climbing. The water at the sailing centre was chilly but refreshing! Every team managed to build a raft successfully and enjoyed the games on the water.








The children loved the giant Swing and everyone was very brave and supporting each other.




The sensory trail showed super teamwork from all.





The sun is shining: We are reapplying sun cream and frequently drinking lots of water. This afternoon is more of the same with the rest of the group at the sailing centre and everyone else is swinging and climbing. 


Evening Update:

A hot, busy & fun day has been had by everyone. This afternoon saw lots more activities. Everyone was very hungry by dinner time.


We've seen amazing team work, friendship, positivity and determination today and are so proud of Year 6 facing their fears and supporting each other. 




Everyone is tired after a busy day and hopefully will sleep well tonight, ready for another adventure packed day tomorrow.







Tuesday 13th June 2023:

Morning Update

Everyone slept very well last night, exhausted after a busy day. We are looking forward to another busy day in the glorious sun. 

(We are drinking lots of water and applying sun cream!)



Lunch Update:

We've had such a fun morning problem solving, scaling the trapeze, walking down (and up) to the beach, swinging and flying on the zip wire. It's been hot but everyone has impressed the staff team with their resilience and determination.







This afternoon is full of more activities before we get ready for the disco this evening. We are ready to dance and have had sneak preview of some very sparkly outfits!



Late Evening Update:

A busy afternoon of activities with lots of fun had by all. We loved the disco and saw some great and energetic dancing. 






We are looking forward to tomorrow morning and remembering how to pack our suitcases and strip our beds!


We will update you all when we leave tomorrow.

Wednesday 14th June 2023:

Morning Update:

Everyone slept well and had to be woken up this morning. We’ve been super busy packing our suitcases, stripping beds and tidying our rooms.
We have another fun-packed morning before lunch. The sun is shining and we’re looking forward to heading home later.


Afternoon Update:

Year 6 have left PGL at 2:15PM. A busy and successful morning. Hopefully we'll have a smooth journey home. ETA 5:30pm.