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Sunday 13th October 2019


Children arrived safely in Dorset, the sun is shining. Good Journey had by all..

Children settled into their rooms well and toured the PGL grounds with their leader.



Monday 14th October 2019


All slept well after a big evening meal and a fun evening of wacky races.



Monday morning, all well, despite a wet start to the day. Half the group are down at the marina in Weymouth building rafts using their teamwork skills, while the other half are abseiling and mountain biking.









Monday afternoon slightly drier, lots of abseiling, mountain biking and time in the tunnel trails.

The children are tired but happy and many have overcome their fears!!


Monday evening dinner then sports night.






Tuesday 15th October 2019


Tuesday morning update, All had a fantastic evening at PGL sports night after a busy afternoon of activities. Everyone slept well and teachers had to wake up lots of sleepy children this morning.


We are looking forward to a full day of activities and a sunnier, drier day.














All groups have had a thrilling morning on the giant swing, abseiling, zip wire, mountain bikes and tunnel trails.

The sun is shining and we are having a great day.




Looking forward to the evening after another full afternoon and disco this evening.



Wednesday 16th October 2019


Morning update;- all slept well after a fund disco. many Chiltern had to be  woken up by staff. We have learnt how to strip our beds and pack our suitcases this morning and looking forwards to another fun morning of activities,



Final update the group have left PGL after a very busy morning and delicious lunch. Everyone is happy to be heading home full of great memories. ETA is hopefully 4.30-5pm