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Special events


Sunday 09th June 2024

The Year 6 Group have safely arrived in Osmington Bay after a great journey. Everyone is very excited to settle into their bedrooms & explore the beautiful site. The sun is shining & we have a beautiful view of the sea. A huge thank you to our Year 6 families for a smooth drop off this morning.

Monday 10th June 2024:

Morning Update:

Everyone slept well and while some needed to be woken up, many were awake super early!

The sun is shining for us.

Half of us are off to the Sailing Centre in Weymouth for raft building, while the others are on the giant swing, problem-solving, sensory trail and much more! A jam-packed day ahead.

 Evening Update:

An amazing and busy afternoon was had by all. Raft building for half the group while the other half conquered the giant swing and built dens in Survivor! 

Excellent teamwork was seen across the group. Everyone was resilient and brave facing new challenges! 

The sun has continued to shine all day. We’ve had a lively sports tournament this evening and everyone is tired and settled down for the night. Another jam-packed day ahead of us tomorrow!

Tuesday Lunchtime Update:

A brilliant morning has been had by the whole group. We’ve been super busy climbing, problem-solving and conquering the vertical challenge! Some more excellent teamwork and determination has been seen by all the adults. We’ve all been to the beach as well and explored the different types of stones as well as have a throwing competition. Some children even found some fossils.

We are looking forward to the disco this evening and can’t wait to see some sparkly outfits!

Wednesday 12th June 2024

Morning Update:

We danced our socks off at the disco and had a great time last night! Everyone slept incredibly well and had to be woken up this morning. We’ve packed up and learned how to strip beds!

We have another busy morning ahead of us before lunch. Our estimated departure time is around 2pm but we will keep you updated.