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Sunday 20th June 2021

Year 6 arrived at PGL at 4:00pm. We had a good journey. Thank you to Year 6 families for a smooth drop off. Children have settled into rooms and are taking a tour of the site before dinner



Monday 21st June 2021

Good morning from Dorset. It is overcast & rainy but everyone is in good spirits. The children slept well after a busy evening of Ambush! Each group had to work as a team to find a good hiding place & seek the other group. Lots of fun was had by all.


Today we are climbing, visiting the beach, tackling Jacob's ladder, abseiling & much more!


Monday 21st June 2021 - Evening Update:

Everyone had a full & busy day. We have used our teamwork skills to climb, play aeroball, abseil, build sea creatures on the beach, learn survival skills & cheer on our friends on the giant swing.



Although it has been raining all day, we have had fun & all the activities have gone ahead. Everyone has been very resilient & many have overcome their fear of heights!



We have another busy day planned tomorrow & the weather forecast is looking brighter- fingers crossed




Tuesday 22nd June 2021 - Morning Update:

Good morning from PGL. Everyone slept well & many had to be woken up by the staff in time for breakfast. We have woken up to a drizzle but the forecast is looking better soon. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏼


Today we have a busy schedule. Half the group are off site at the sailing centre this morning doing raft building & the other half this afternoon. There is more climbing, swinging, problem solving, survivor & abseiling happening as well.





Tuesday 22nd June 2021- Evening Update:

Another full & busy day. The sun came out and children & staff had lots of fun. Raft building was a great success & the children worked well as a team & enjoyed their time in the water as well as viewing Chesil Beach from the coach.




We've completed lots of activities on site too including Jacob's ladder, problem solving, giant swing, aeroball & abseiling. We are looking forward to Robot Wars after dinner this evening & starting to think about picking our bags.





Wednesday 23rd June 2021- Morning Update:

Everyone slept well & had to be woken up this morning. Lots of tired but happy children! We're packing up our bags & learning how to strip our beds this morning before the final two activities.


We will be leaving PGL around 2:00pm & hope to be back at Brookland around 5:30pm, traffic permitting. You will be receiving a text half an hour prior to coaches arrival.


Wednesday 23rd June 2021- Afternoon Update:

The PGL group have started their journey to London. Their ETA is 6:00pm but we will text you 30 minutes before their arrival to give you time to come to school. Please park on Hill Top. We will send children down to meet you by school gate.